​​Institute of Construction and Environmental Technology (iTEC)

The iTEC Institute focuses on developing methods, technological processes and products in the field of Civil Engineering and the Built Environment. It specializes in design, physical modeling, computer simulation, calculation methods and advanced evaluation, diagnostics and reinforcement of existing facilities and structures, seismic testing, monitoring and surveillance, and large to small-scale laboratory testing of physical, chemical, and biological behaviour.

The Institute promotes the development of key multidisciplinary competences in these technological fields. It ensures the transfer of knowledge to practitioners and industry by developing new construction and environmental standards, creating new tools and running post-graduate training courses.

Core competences

The iTEC Institute’s core competences lie in the global analysis of the built object, which is examined at all levels and whose unique characteristics are considered. It focuses on techniques relating to the built environment, including advanced methods of analysis, modelling, construction, monitoring, and reinforcement. The Institute is committed to maintaining close links with other institutes at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, the federal institutes of technology and industry, and works closely with numerous academic partners abroad.

Brochure of the iTEC Institute